Pay international contractors automatically.

Secure, automated payments for global contractors in 240+ countries. No transaction fees or currency markups, so your team gets paid more.


“It used to take hours to deal with monthly payments. The manual process was prone to error because of different banking websites and payment processors. Now that hours-long operation takes about 10 minutes!”

Julie Menge HR / Operations Lead

International payments made easy.

  • Payments in 240+ countries

    No more sending one-off payments through PayPal or other processors. Pilot removes the need to work with different banks & payment processors. Our payments are built-in, so you don't need third-party integrations.
  • Automated payments for every team member

    Pilot’s centralized payroll platform lets you pay your entire team – domestic and international, employees and contractors – in one place. Set up automated, recurring payments in a few clicks, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Send payments as quickly as 1-2 business days

    Your international contractors deserve to be paid on time. We offer fast, secure payments.
  • Self-serve platform for contractors

    Contractors can submit invoices and expense reports, manage their own payment details, and check their payment status
  • Friendly, smart support for you and your team

    You and your contractors get equal access to Pilot's world-class support team, including our local expertise

Keep your global team happy by ensuring they don't get dinged by currency conversions.

  • No transaction fees

    Overseas contractors shouldn't have to deal with transaction fees. We don't charge you to send payments, and we don't charge your contractors to receive payments.
  • Save time and money with local currencies

    We support local currency payments and bank transfers in 70+ countries. This means faster transactions and no bank fees for your team members.
  • Optimal exchange rates

    We ensure that your team gets the best rates. Unlike payment platforms that make money from exchange rates, we don’t do currency markups.
  • No e-wallet required

    Treat your international contractors like your US employees. Payments go directly to contractors’ bank accounts, without the hassle or withdrawal fees of an e-wallet.

Get peace of mind by using a secure, compliant platform.

  • Locally compliant contracts

    Pilot's contracts are localized and designed to help you avoid misclassification. We automatically suggest contract changes when local laws change, or when you change someone's responsibilities or adjust their pay.
  • Tax form collection and filing

    Save time by letting us collect W-8 and W-9 forms from your team. Pilot even prepares and files your 1099 for you.
  • Secure funds paid directly

    Your payments are processed in your name by financial institutions — streamlining the financial KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process. The funds never touch Pilot’s corporate accounts. This means your funds remain yours, until your contractors receive them.
  • Money transfer compliance

    Pilot uses regulated financial institutions to process payments, and our sponsor bank ensures compliance with money transfer regulations in all 50 states

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