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A better way to hire, onboard & pay your global team of recruiters. Payroll, benefits & compliance for remote contractors and employees.


"Pilot was a game changer for us. We used to do payments for our contractors manually on different days. When we started using Pilot, we were able to schedule all payments at the same time to all our contractors, based in different locations around the world. Also, it gave us a tracker of each contractor's payment and we were able to do reimbursements with the tool. We're glad we have a tool like this that is flexible enough to get payments anywhere at the same time. Super recommend Pilot!"

Melanie Dabul, Resourcing Director

Global payments made easy.

  • Payments in 240+ countries

    Streamline your payment process by removing the need to work with different banks and payment processors
  • Automated payments for every team member

    Pilot’s automated, central payroll platform lets you pay your entire team – domestic and international, employees and contractors – in one place. Set up automated payments in just a few clicks, and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Send payments as quickly as 1-2 business days

    Your recruiters and other contractors deserve to be paid promptly. We offer fast, secure payments.
  • Self-serve platform

    Recruiters and other contractors can manage their own payment details, check payment status, and submit expense reports

Keep your global team happy by ensuring they don't get dinged by currency conversions.

  • No transaction fees

    Overseas contractors shouldn't have to deal with transaction fees. We don't charge you to send payments, and we don't charge your contractors to receive payments.
  • Save time and money with local currencies

    We support local currency payments and bank transfers in 70+ countries. This means faster transactions and no bank fees for your team members.
  • Optimal exchange rates

    We ensure that your team gets the best rates. Unlike payment platforms that make money from exchange rates, we don’t do currency markups.
  • No e-wallet required

    Treat your contractors like your US employees. Payments go directly to contractors’ bank accounts, without the hassle or withdrawal fees of an e-wallet.

Guided onboarding that's quick and easy.

  • Step-by-step onboarding

    Get your new recruiter started quickly with Pilot’s guided onboarding flow. Your new hire — and you — always know exactly where you are in the onboarding process and what you each need to do next.
  • Collect the right info in the right format

    Unsure how to ask your new hire in Poland for their bank account info? Pilot adjusts their onboarding experience based on their location and asks them for bank details in their local format.
  • Speedy offer letters

    Quickly send your offer before your dream recruiter gets away. With Pilot, you can easily write, preview, and send offer letters.
  • Have Pilot be your local expert

    Hiring in a new country or state? Pilot walks you through a clear list of localized onboarding tasks and offers expert help on questions about local laws.

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