Run payroll for your entire team, simultaneously.

Use one payroll system for domestic W2 employees, international employees, and global contractors in 240+ countries, including the US.


Plane has achieved the impossible: paying our international team is just as easy as paying our domestic one.”

Hiring a global and domestic team today means using multiple payroll and HR platforms.

the problem

The chaos of multiple platforms:

  • Wasted time managing different systems

    You’re juggling different systems, each with their own processes
  • Excessive costs

    Paying for multiple platform and headcount fees can add up
  • Struggling with different payroll runs and deadlines

    You’re manually handling different payroll deadlines each month, depending on whether you’re paying W2 employees, global employees, or contractors
  • A poor experience for your team

    Unlike your US team, international team members have to deal with currency markups and exchange fees

the solution

Plane brings together domestic and international payroll — and an HRIS — in one easy, yet powerful platform.

  • One platform for your whole team, in any country

    Give your team one unified experience in 240+ countries, including the US
  • Hire employees in 100+ countries

    With Plane as your employer of record (EOR), hire and pay employees in 100+ countries without setting up local entities
  • Onboard and pay domestic employees

    Hire and run payroll for W2 employees in all 50 US states
  • Pay contractors quickly and fairly

    Plane enables you to pay your contractors equitably in 240+ countries, just as if they were on US payroll

An automated, central payroll platform with the ability to customize payroll flows.

  • More flexibility

    Run payroll for contractors and employees in different countries all at once, or in groups by pay period, pay date, or country — it’s up to you
  • No more payroll blocks

    Choose which payroll items to pay when, so that a payroll run is no longer blocked by a pending item, like a delay on determining someone’s commission
  • Automatic payments, or manual if you prefer

    Set up automatic payments once — in just a few clicks — and we’ll handle the rest. Prefer manual approvals? Choose what payroll items must be manually approved and which ones can process automatically.
  • Cut down on back-and-forth communication

    Contractors and employees can manage their own payment details, check payment status, and submit expense reports

An equitable payroll experience.

Your US employees get paid on time and directly in their bank accounts. Your global employees and contractors deserve the same, too.

  • Direct payments, straight into international bank accounts

    Plane doesn’t require an e-wallet for contractors, and they don’t need to use a third party to receive their money. They get paid directly into their bank accounts.
  • Local currency payments and no markups or fees

    Pay global contractors in the currency of their choice. Plane offers local currency payments and bank transfers in 70+ countries. No currency markups or fees to receive money.
  • Clear pay dates and no delays

    Your international team members shouldn’t have to deal with delayed payments, just because it takes more time to process global payments. Choose what pay dates you want everyone to have, and run one payroll.
  • Secure processing and streamlined KYC

    Contractor payments are as secure as employee payments. Payments are processed in your name by regulated financial institutions. Your funds remain yours until your contractors receive them, streamlining the KYC (Know Your Customer) process.

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