Hire anywhere without setting up local entities.

Use Plane as your employer of record (EOR) and hire employees in 100+ countries.

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  • Stay compliant

    Let us take care of your country-specific compliance requirements for your team. In addition, get expert advice on worker classification and other complex HR & compliance questions.
  • Simple, transparent pricing

    Get affordable, flat rate pricing of $499 per employee/month with no setup fees. Stay flexible, with no need to commit to an annual contract.
  • Receive world-class support

    Enjoy 24/5 access to our responsive, friendly support team on Slack, Intercom, and by email. We're happy to answer questions from you and your team members.

Scale globally while staying compliant.

  • Let us take care of your compliance requirements

    Compliance laws vary by country and locality. Our employment contracts are country-specific, and you can count on our expert team to help you stay locally compliant and tax compliant.
  • Get expert guidance on worker classification and other complex questions

    Receive skilled guidance on worker classification — without any bias toward contractors or employees (our platform has been designed since Day One to fully support both). We also assist in complex HR and compliance questions, including immigration and visa issues.

Avoid unnecessary spending

  • Flat rate pricing of $499 per employee/month

    We believe in simple, transparent pricing. Enjoy flat rate pricing per employee, no matter where you're hiring.
  • Flexible contracts

    No need to commit to an annual contract. Stay flexible with our monthly contract option.
  • Say goodbye to startup fees and extra fees

    Know what you're paying for. We don't charge startup fees or hidden fees. There's no cancellation fee.
  • No need for multiple platforms

    Have contractors as well as employees? With Plane, you can hire and pay your entire team using one payroll & HR platform.

Use a modern platform that takes care of you & your team.

  • Provide benefits for your team

    Your team deserves the best, wherever they live. Offer world-class benefits to your team members in 175+ countries, including health insurance, paid time off, pensions, and more.
  • Clear, guided onboarding

    Plane walks you & your new hires through a clear list of onboarding tasks, so you don’t have to be a local expert on how to onboard in your new hire's country.
  • User-friendly platform

    The platform is designed to be easy-to-use and self-serve. If you need support, though, we’re happy to chat with you or your employees.

Get exceptional support from humans

  • Receive responsive 24/5 support

    Our knowledgeable, friendly team is available to answer your questions by email, chat, or Slack.
  • Personalized Slack support

    Talk to your assigned onboarding manager in real-time in your own custom Slack channel.

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