Hire anywhere without setting up local entities.

Use Plane as your employer of record and hire employees in 100+ countries.

Opening your own entity is expensive and time-consuming.

When you open a legal entity in another country, you need to:

  • Pay setup fees
  • Open a local bank account
  • Find a local lawyer to set up contracts
  • Hire a local HR expert
  • Find a local finance specialist to run payroll
  • Calculate and pay local taxes
  • Deal with currency exchange

When Pilot acts as your EOR, you don't need your own entity.

With Pilot as your employer of record, you don’t need to hire a lawyer, HR expert, or finance specialist.

We provide localized contracts, run payroll, take care of taxes, and make sure you stay compliant. All in days, not months. Plus, we don’t charge any setup fees, just a low flat monthly fee.

How does an employer of record (EOR) work?

When you work with an EOR, they legally act as an employer for your employees. Global EORs have local entities set up in different countries, so you don’t need to set up the entities yourself if you’re hiring in those countries.

Plane enables you to hire employees in 100+ countries, because we have entities set up around the world. As an EOR, we provide local contract templates and take care of payroll, benefits, and compliance for your team.

    Localized guidance on hiring in any location.

    • Country-specific HR expertise

      Our team of local HR experts is a one-stop source for you – no need to have extensive knowledge of the country where you want to hire. Plane ensures you stay compliant.
    • Clear, step-by-step onboarding

      Plane’s guided onboarding process walks you and your new hires through a clear list of onboarding tasks, so you don’t have to be a local expert wherever you hire
    • Intuitive platform & friendly support

      The user-friendly platform is automated and self-serve, so you don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to. If you need support, though, we’re happy to help you.

    Expert and responsive immigration assistance.

    Plane helps with visas, work permits, and other processes for your international employees and their dependents.

    If you want visa assistance, our team provides an assessment of how likely it is to acquire the visa, the typical turnaround time, and the best options for obtaining the visa.

      One platform for your entire team.

      • A central system, from onboarding to custom reports

        Onboard your employees and contractors using Plane, and store and analyze data for your whole team in one place
      • Say goodbye to multiple payroll systems

        Run payroll for all your workers from one platform
      • One EOR provider for 100+ countries

        No need for multiple EOR providers for different countries. Give all of your team members the same experience, no matter what country they’re in.

      Provide benefits for your team, anywhere.

      • Benefits for contractors and employees

        Your team deserves the best, wherever they happen to live. Offer world-class benefits to your team members in 175+ countries, including health insurance, paid time off, pensions, and more.
      • Get insights into local best practices

        Did you know that in Poland, private health insurance isn’t mandatory, but most workers still expect it to be offered? Our team will share advice like this, so you don’t have to be an expert in country-specific customs.

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