Offer world-class benefits to every team member, anywhere.

Give benefits to your contractors and employees in 175+ countries.

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Heather Carmichael, Worker Bee

“Fantastic customer service, easy to use platform, and a very reasonable fee structure.”

Benefits that work anywhere.

Offer benefits to everyone on your team – no matter if they’re an employee or contractor, in France or Brazil

*Some benefits are only available to employees and may vary according to local regulations. Coming soon for US employees.

Personal, localized guidance from HR experts.

  • Learn what the locals know

    Every country has unique requirements. Our experts can advise you on what benefits are required, what workers typically expect, and what benefits are nice to have.
  • Avoid worker misclassification

    The benefits you offer can affect worker classification. We’ll guide you on how to stay compliant when offering benefits to contractors and employees.

Built-in compliance with statutory benefits.

  • Stay effortlessly compliant

    Plane’s platform is designed to keep you compliant, with contracts that are compliant with local benefits regulations
  • No need to do the research yourself

    Our guided onboarding process will walk you through statutory benefits, such as health benefits, pensions, and 13th & 14th month bonuses

Excellent coverage and plan options that attract talent worldwide.

  • Plans that fit each location

    Choose from local plan options that are tailored to your workers’ locations
  • Excellent, competitive rates

    Save with rates that are competitive with those of much larger group plans
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions

    Support for workers with pre-existing conditions means that no one gets left behind

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