Contracts that comply with local laws, wherever you hire

Plane's contracts for both contractors and employees are localized and automatically updated.

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Daniela Neira
 Project Manager, SIMETRIK

“We can hire people worldwide without thinking about all the legal and tax implications and laws that we will have to learn if we did the transaction directly.”

Localized contracts for contractors

Every country has its own labor laws, so it’s essential to localize your contracts according to the country where you’re hiring.

Local laws affect whether someone should be classified as a contractor or employee. We take this into account when writing contracts for contractors, to ensure that you stay compliant with local contractor requirements.

Intellectual property (IP) transfer laws in some countries, like Brazil and Poland, require very precise language in contracts. Plane makes sure to include this specific language in our contractor contracts.

Custom localized templates

Create your own contracts using Plane’s localized templates, or use your own contract, if you prefer

No need to hire your own lawyers

Plane’s localized contracts are double-reviewed by local lawyers and by US lawyers, since we specialize in working with US-based companies

Limit your risk of misclassification

Plane’s contracts are designed to help you avoid misclassification. For example, our contracts state that contractors can work with 3rd parties and have flexible working hours and locations.

Automatic updates

Plane automatically suggests contract changes when local laws change, or when you change someone’s responsibilities or adjust their pay

Localized contracts for employees

Customize your localized contracts

Get a range of custom options — we provide a contract draft where you can customize basic fields such as start date, probation period, and more. For fully customizable contracts, choose our Employees Plus plan, where we’ll engage our local legal team to work with you.

Save on legal fees

Our employee contracts are prepared by local lawyers, so you don’t have to hire your own lawyer

Protect your intellectual property

Plane Direct IP ensures that your intellectual property stays yours, through our streamlined two-step IP transfer process. Included with all Employee plans.

A smooth, guided onboarding process, from building contracts to e-signature & beyond

Never feel lost in the contract process

Our guided hiring and onboarding flow walks you through what you need to include in your contract, so you comply with local laws

Secure storage

Store contracts for everyone on your team in Plane secure, SOC 2 compliant platform

Track your contract

Once you send your contract to your new hire through Plane, track their signature with our built-in e-signature feature (for contractors currently and coming soon for employees)

Multi-level contract drafting and signature

For contractor contracts, our multi-level permissions enable one person to prepare the contract, while another person, such as the CEO, can be the designated signer

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