Hire, pay, and take care of your contractors anywhere.

Use Plane’s payroll and HR platform to hire and pay contractors in 240+ countries.

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Daniela Neira
 Project Manager, SIMETRIK

“We can hire people worldwide without thinking about all the legal and tax implications and laws that we will have to learn if we did the transaction directly.”

Localized contracts for contractors

Automated contractor payments

Set it and forget it with automated payments to your entire team

Clear pricing and no hidden fees

We believe in transparent pricing. Get month-to-month pricing, with no hidden fees, signup fees, or cancellation fees.

Only pay for active contractors

Pay a flat rate of $39 per active contractor per month. No additional charges.

Locally compliant contracts

Use your own contract or Plane’s localized contract templates, which are double-reviewed by both US and local lawyers

Automated tax compliance

Let us take care of tax compliance for you. We collect W-8 and W-9 forms and prepare and file your 1099 for you.

Unbiased guidance on worker classification

Employee or contractor – which should you hire? Plane’s platform was built from day one to fully support both types of workers. Our team can advise you on what option is best for you – without any bias.

Localized contracts for employees

Why Plane is better

Use one central platform for your whole team

With Unified Payroll, use Plane for your contractors and employees, in the US and globally. Run payroll for your entire team on one screen, with automated contractor payments – including bonuses – integrated into your payroll flow.

Get the platform that scales with you

You won’t need to change platforms as your company grows. Plane is designed to grow with you, whether you have 1 or 100+ contractors.

Built-in HRIS

Use Plane’s HRIS for your whole team, including your contractors.

Expense reports

Process expense reports in Plane – no need for a separate platform!

Get exceptional support from humans

  • Responsive support team

    Get 24/5 support (from humans!) for your entire team. Plane offers support via email, chat, and your personal Slack channel.
  • Friendly, consultative sales team

    Our sales team will never hard sell you, and we’re happy to advise you on what hiring options may work best for you
  • Expert help for complex questions

    Plane’s team of HR and payroll experts is happy to help you with tricky questions, whether it’s worker classification, payroll taxes, or immigration processes

Contractors love us

  • Over 100 currencies worldwide

    Choose from 138 currencies to pay your contractors and vendors, with local payments available in 78 countries
  • Contractor-friendly exchange rates

    Unlike other companies, we never make money from exchange rate markups, meaning your contractors can get paid more
  • Pay your team in local currency or USD

    Would your contractor prefer to be paid in local currency or USD? We know preferences vary by currency and country, so we support both options.
  • Run contractor payments like US payroll

    Give your global contractors the same experience as your US employees. With Plane, payments go directly to contractors’ bank accounts, with no need for an e-wallet, and no fees to receive or send money.
  • No third-party agreements

    With Plane, your contractors sign contracts directly with your company (though we’re happy to provide localized contract templates). There’s no need for your contractors to enter into agreements with Plane.
  • Offer benefits

    Want to offer health insurance for everyone on your team? Optionally give benefits to your contractors in 175+ countries.

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