Manage expenses for your entire team in one platform

Process expense reports from contractors and employees.

Benitra A., Controller

“A great resource for facilitating payroll and expense reimbursements!"

Enable any team member to submit expense reports.

Move your expense management into one platform

No more switching and syncing between tools — review and process all expenses in one place

The same experience for all team members

Offer your contractors the same 
convenient expense management features that your employees receive

Fast payments, in the currency of your choice.

Delegate tasks through multi-level permissions

Administrators can give managers the ability to approve expenses and, optionally, make payments for their direct reports

Automatic payments

Our platform automatically adds approved expenses to the next scheduled payroll

Fast payments, in the currency of your choice.

Multiple currencies supported

If your team member paid 500 BRL, you can reimburse exactly 500 BRL. No need to do the conversion and send a USD equivalent.

No e-wallet required and no fees

Contractors get paid more, because we don’t require an e-wallet for them to receive their money, and we don’t charge transaction fees. Payments go directly to their bank accounts.

Quick reimbursements

Send reimbursements as quickly as 1-2 business days

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