Tax Form Collection and Filing

Save time by letting Pilot collect W-8 and W-9 forms from your team. Pilot even prepares and files your 1099 for you.

Worker Classification Guidance

Employee or contractor? We’re set up for both. Our team can guide you to the best option that meets your needs.

Locally Compliant Contracts

Rest assured that your contracts are localized. Our contracts are country-specific and reviewed by US and local lawyers.

Stay fully compliant with no effort.

Pilot automatically collects tax forms from your contractors, handles mandatory filings for employees, and makes sure your contracts are locally compliant.

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Rest assured that your contracts are locally compliant.

Worker classification laws and intellectual property (IP) transfer laws differ by country. Our contracts are country-specific, ensuring you’re locally compliant and your IP remains yours. Since we specialize in working with US companies hiring abroad, our contracts are reviewed by both US and local lawyers.

Country-specific IP transfer clauses

Compliant with local employment laws

Double-reviewed by US and local lawyers

No need to hire your own lawyers


Receive unbiased
worker classification guidance.

Trying to decide whether to classify someone as an employee or contractor? We’ve supported both options equally from day one and have no bias toward guiding you to one option or the other. Our team gives you advice that’s in your best interest, not ours.

We streamline your
global tax form process.

We prepare W-8, W-9, and 1099 forms for you.

W-8 and W-9 forms in one secure platform

We collect W-8 (BEN and BEN-E) tax forms from your international contractors and W-9 forms from your US contractors, so that you don’t have to.

1099 forms prepared and submitted for you

You’ll never miss the 1099 deadline again. Pilot prepares and files your 1099-NEC (nonemployee compensation) form for you to the IRS.


Get professional guidance from
local lawyers and HR experts.

Do you have questions about tax or legal compliance in a specific country? Whether you’re looking to set the vacation policy for your Brazilian team or have questions about employee healthcare plans in the Netherlands, our network of local lawyers and HR experts is ready to answer your questions.

Onboard anyone in a new location in minutes, not days.

The next time you want to onboard someone in a new country, save thousands of dollars in lawyers’ fees by using Pilot’s localized contracts, included with the platform. And you can get someone started in under 5 minutes.


Request a demo with one of our experts.

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