Hire globally without setting up local entities.

Simplify your hiring by using Pilot as your employer of record. Let us handle payroll, benefits, and compliance for you.

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Onboard employees in

Expand your hiring possibilities to over 160 countries by letting Pilot act as your employer of record. We handle payroll, compliance, and benefits for your international employees.

No need for local entities

Hiring in a new country? With Pilot, you won’t need to set up a local entity, because we already have that covered.

Localized contracts and tax compliance included

We handle employment paperwork, payroll tax filings, pension contributions, and more, so that you don’t have to.

Simple pricing, with no hidden fees

You shouldn’t need a PhD to understand your bill. With Pilot, you pay a flat monthly fee that’s the same for every country.

International HR guidance

Do you have questions about onboarding an employee in a new country? Pilot can guide you through localized PTO policies, employment laws, and any other HR questions.


Move your workflow into
one central platform.

No need for back-and-forth emails with employees and vendors. Pilot integrates your entire workflow, from onboarding to expense management, into one cloud-based platform.


Employee documents in one place

No more email attachments. With Pilot, employee contracts, paystubs, and tax forms are in one secure platform accessible to you and your employees.

Built-in expense management

Easily process expense reimbursements for your international employees with Pilot’s built-in expense management feature.


Immigration assistance
for employees and dependents.

Do you have an employee who is looking to immigrate between countries outside the US? We know that immigration processes can be complex and take time. Pilot helps with visas, work permits, and other processes for your international employees and their dependents.

One single EOR partner for all your needs.

No need to juggle multiple EOR or PEO partners for different countries.


A central global platform

Pilot gives you the convenience of one single EOR for all of your global employees, for a consistent, quality experience across your entire team.

Expert, responsive support

No more back-and-forth communication between you and multiple EOR vendors. Pilot's support team is here for you and your global employees.


Request a demo with one of our experts.

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