Pilot is now Plane

You will now sign in to your account on plane.com.

Frequently asked questions

  • When did this change happen?

    On May 11, 2023, we changed our domain to plane.com and began redirecting all pilot.co webpages to plane.com.
  • Why did we make this change?

    We’ve been planning this change for a while, because there are a few other companies called Pilot – and you sometimes had a hard time telling us apart. Our mission and everything else the Pilot brand stood for stay the same, we’ve just landed on a new name!
  • How does the new domain of plane.com affect you?

    Pilot.co pages now automatically redirect to plane.com ones. For admins, managers, contractors, and employees, manage.pilot.co and work.pilot.co will both redirect to id.plane.com. Because all pilot.co webpages are automatically redirected, you can still go to pilot.co pages first, so any of your current bookmarks will still work.
  • What will happen to pilot.co email addresses?

    The emails you see from us will start coming from Plane, but if you email us using our pilot.co emails, those will still work.
  • What about Pilot’s legal entity name?

    For now, we’ll continue to operate as Pilot Platform Inc, and this is the legal name that you will see on invoices and contracts alongside our new Plane branding.
  • I’m paid through Pilot. Does anything change?

    No, your payments or payroll won’t be affected, and neither will your contract. All our entities will keep their existing names, but you may start to see the name Plane pop up on your bank statements.