Let Plane run your US & international payroll.

As part of our unified payroll launch, we want to thank early users by offering exclusive discounts. Save on all our plans when you move your entire team into Plane. Ready to use one tool for your US & international payroll?

US Employees & Global Contractors

$29$21.75per person/month

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Save 25% when hiring US employees & global contractors in 240+ countries
CanadaOther Countries

International Employees

$299$249per person/month

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Save up to $150/mo when hiring employees outside the US (applies to annual & monthly plans)

“Finally, someone figured out a simple and powerful tool. Everything we need is here.”

Juan Caviglia Co-founder

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I use Plane for both US and international payroll?

    With Plane’s unified payroll feature, you no longer have to use multiple payroll tools in order to pay your US and international teams. Instead, enjoy having one payroll and HR platform for your whole team – US or international, contractor or employee.
  • Who qualifies for the discount?

    This discount applies to new customers that move all of their US and international contractors and employees to Plane within 12 months of their first invoice. If the customers do not move their US and international teams into Plane within 12 months, they’ll be required to pay the difference between the discounted pricing and the regular pricing for the months prior.
  • How long does the discount last?

    Discount pricing applies for the customers’ first year with Plane, calculated from the date of their first invoice. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

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