InEvent & Plane: An International Contractor’s Experience

Smooth onboarding and a centralized, user-friendly platform for an InEvent contractor in Brazil.


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InEvent is a YC-backed company based in Atlanta, Georgia, that delivers a dynamic event solution with the ability to create, recreate, and customize in-person, virtual, and hybrid interactions. The InEvent integrated platform includes hospitality and housing, travel and logistics, web broadcasting, live engagement, smooth registration, dynamic networking, robust marketing automation, custom websites and mobile apps, real-time analytics, AI integrations, and 100+ other features to power interactive and immersive experiences. Their clients include Coca-Cola, Amazon, Sony Electronics, Honda, Carrefour, and other global corporations.InEvent employs remote workers around the world. In 2021, InEvent hired Ana Almeida as a Product Marketing Analyst, using Plane to onboard and pay her. Based in Brasilia, Brazil, Ana found her remote onboarding experience using Plane to be “very smooth.” She says, “Everything is integrated in Plane, and I can have access to not only my payments, but also contracts.”As a contractor, Ana relies on Plane’s global payments features to make it easy and secure for her to get paid through the platform. She appreciates that Plane makes it simple to request and receive payments. “It’s a very easy platform to use,” she says. “For example, when I requested payment today, it only took me two minutes. It was a very simple process.” The platform’s self-service options for contractors also makes it easy for her to track her payment status, avoiding time-consuming back-and-forth communication. “Plane allows me to keep track of when my payments are approved and scheduled, so I can see everything in the platform. This makes me feel more independent, in the sense that I can see if I am paid and avoid unnecessary communication with, for example, our People and Culture team who schedule the payments.”Visually, Ana also finds Plane’s platform to be straightforward to navigate. She says, “The platform is designed so that it’s easy to obtain information – for instance, the color changes according to the payment status, so it’s very intuitive. The platform is easy and user-friendly and is very easy to use on my phone.”She also likes that customer support is just one click away, available in the platform for both her company’s administrators and team members like her. “I’ve never needed to use chat support, but it’s nice to see the chat option there, because many times with other platforms, you’re left in the dark and might have issues getting in touch with support.”With team members located around the world and speaking 27 languages, InEvent is deeply committed to building diversity and inclusion within its company. Their D&I commitment includes never wanting to have more than 50% of their workforce located in one country and making sure that their leadership team is diverse. Ana likes that Plane enables everyone at InEvent to use the same platform and have the same experience, regardless of their location. She says, “We have people from different countries and regions. I’m the only Brazilian in my team, for example. And everyone can centralize everything in the same place, using Plane’s platform. We have a culture that values multiculturalism, and Plane has served us very well.”Overall, Ana has been very happy with her experiences using Plane. She says, “I have only good things to say. I consider myself a Plane promoter and would highly recommend it.”

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