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How to Hire and Pay Contractors in Australia: An Easy Guide for US Companies

Find out how to quickly pay contractors in Australia with this easy guide for US companies. If you're looking to tap Australian talent, then this is a must-read!

How to Handle Holidays for Your Remote Team

What holidays should you recognize when you have remote team members around the world? There's no one-size-fits-all approach. We look at best practices and potential approaches for planning your holiday policies.

Paid Parental Leave: A Guide to Trends and Policies in the US and Globally

Paid parental leave policies are continually evolving in the US and internationally. Read our guide to learn about trends and policies in parental leave for employees in the US and beyond.

Brazil Vacation Laws: A Guide for US Companies Hiring Abroad

Vacation laws in Brazil follow the structure of vacation laws in the US in many ways, but there are also key differences. Read our guide to learn more about Brazilian vacation laws for US companies building teams internationally.

Can I give stock options to an international contractor?

Stock options are a great benefit which can unite team members in efforts to build and grow successful and lucrative company.

What benefits should you offer your remote team?

When you have a full time employee you are quite stock with options on perks and benefits. But how do you tailor the best benefit package for your international contractors team? We listed few options that can work for you.

Leave Policy in Germany: An Easy Guide for US Companies

Are you expanding your US company and want to hire German talent? This guide walks you through the leave policy in Germany according to local employment laws.

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