Read guides and learn startup best practices on how to hire, pay, and take care of team members.

Running asynchronous standups with Zapier and Asana

Most managers think they need their entire team under one roof to effectively manage it. They’re missing out on many great hires, but that’s the price they’re willing to pay to keep their team productive.

Embracing remote work to travel the world

A lot of us can work remotely, but choose not to. Here’s why you should at least try it.

16 Best Job Boards for Remote Work: Where to Post Your Remote Jobs

Learn which job boards are the best ones to get your remote job openings in front of the right candidates.

Independent Contractor Nondisclosure Agreements for Beginners

When you work with an independent contractor, having a nondisclosure agreement in place is a smart way to protect your intellectual property. Learn what an independent contractor NDA is and what to include in one.

Why startups need coffee

Good coffee is an often unspoken benefit and a companion to most things we do at work.

Storytelling for startups

These are my notes from the talk “Storytelling for Innovators and Disruptors” by Susan Lindner, brand anthropologist at Emerging Media presented at InfoShare 2016. Enjoy.

Your worst boss

The first step of self-improvement is to recognize your symptoms.

I have my MVP—now what?

You built something people want. Now figure out how to reach and serve those people.

Designing bots for 2020

In the previous instalments of the series, I talked about how early-stage startups can leverage messaging bot to find their product-market fit. I also covered the dilemma of whether bots are here to stay or disappear, and why we still don’t know the answer.

Building bots for Slack

There are only a few good reasons to build a bot. The fact that everyone has one is not one of them.

Implementing baseline rhythm in CSS

In this guest post from Pilot engineer Jan Dudek, he discusses how designers can make their work look harmonious and clean by aligning type to a vertical grid. By correctly implementing the same visual rhythm, front-end architects can also achieve consistent, good-looking results more quickly and easily.

Handling organization crisis at growing companies

These are my notes from the talk “How to handle organization crisis in different growth stages” by Triin Kask of Greenhouse CI presented at InfoShare 2016. Enjoy.

The Chatbot Dilemma

There’s a lot of discussion going on on the web about whether chatbots are really the next big thing or just a short-term fad.

Why messaging bots are perfect for early-stage startups

Building a prototype? A messaging bot offers a few advantages over a full-blown app.

3 myths about Cucumber and Gherkin

Cucumber is a Behavior-Driven Development style software tool. If you’re not familiar with it, here are its main advantages.

Hosting multiple Heroku apps on a single domain

In this guest engineering post from Pilot's CEO Matt Drozdzynski, he discusses how a single application on Heroku can have any number of domains assigned to it, but you can only add a domain to one app.

How to recognize and solve organizational problems

Here are a few steps that help us recognize and ultimately fix organizational issues.

Start with a Minimum Viable Process

Building a company inevitably involves creating processes to handle routine and non-routine tasks. And most processes suck. They suck because they are often designed with an idealised view of what the work is like.

Lessons learned from building a product team

When we started building Pilot I had close to zero experience running a product team. We’ve built a lot of products for our customers, but our strengths were in managing the design and engineering part of the process. We had a lot to learn.

Finding work–life balance at a startup

Welcome to the world of startups, where the boundary between work and your private life is blurry.

Becoming a Better Manager

The lack of management is as bad, if not worse, than bad management.

How to Build and Nurture a Thriving Remote Culture For Your Team

For hybrid and fully distributed companies, building a strong remote work culture is key to increasing employee engagement and productivity. Learn tips and best practices for building a remote culture, from onboarding to "watercooler" chats to promoting work-life balance.

How to Send International Payments to Contractors in Brazil

Brazil has become a popular place for US-based companies to hire contractors. Once you've found contractors to work with, how do you pay them? Here are some common options available in Brazil.

Optimizing Rails deployment on Heroku

Time-consuming deployment process makes developers wait longer to see their changes live. Apart from being a context switch trigger, it becomes a serious issue when landing an important fix on production takes minutes or more.

How to build an MVP without coding anything

We like to think that we’re logical creatures who make rational decisions based on future value.

The lean way of building startups: treat features as options

Every early-stage startup must reach two milestones before it can scale.

Should you pursue a vertical market or a horizontal market?

Get to know the difference between a vertical and a horizontal market.

Color blending in SCSS

Clean up your colors with custom blending functions in SCSS.

What to look for in a technical co-founder

If you want to launch a startup and your expertise lies in a non-technical area like sales or marketing, you’ll need to find a technical co-founder.

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