Embracing remote work to travel the world

A lot of us can work remotely, but choose not to. Here’s why you should at least try it.

Woman on laptop embracing remote work to travel the world

Paulina Chojnowska

Published on September 28, 2016

This won’t be another article on maintaining productivity while working remotely, because frankly, I haven’t mastered it yet myself. What we’ll do instead is to consider the following questions:How do I figure out if remote working is right for me? If so, how do I start?When people hear about the possibility of working outside of their company’s office, they’re usually very preventive about it. The lack of motivation or focus is their common rebuttal. Up until last year, I used to be one of those people.Yes, it takes a lot of strength and willpower, but the advantages outweigh them. Think about the opportunity of exploring cities, countries or distant parts of the world you’ve never been to. It’s priceless—and often lies just one step ahead.

Why it’s worth doing 🌴

Certainly, you shouldn’t choose to work remotely only because everybody around you does it. But if you love revealing the unknown, you should at least try it.Traveling shapes our personality by making us more open-minded about the world. And there are so many places to explore. But you can’t start doing it while spending 8 hours at an office 5 days a week and having limited time off.It’s where working remotely comes to the rescue. You can live abroad for a while and use your spare time to the maximum making your dreams come true.

How to start 💃

Let’s be honest here: it’s not for everyone. Some people just prefer their own desks or co-working spaces and don’t even think about leaving them. But if you’ve just imagined yourself anywhere else, here’s how you can start making it real.

Think about your tasks

If there is anything that requires your presence at the office or any other place, consider your options. Discuss them with your coworkers, delegate what’s possible, and come up with ideas how to overcome any other obstacles together.

Talk to your manager

You might think managers are not keen on this, but you’ll be surprised. They’ll have their doubts, but if come prepared, share the ideas or solutions you’ve found and ensure them your job will always be done, they’ll most probably be fine.

Buy a ticket

If your manager agrees with you on your adventurous idea, go buy a ticket! As this point, you and your team will also know the exact dates of your trip.

Still not sure? 🤔

It doesn’t have to be a long or distant trip. Even if you’re not into globetrotting, you can still go to the place you’ve wanted to visit and do a one-off remote session. Changing your environment once in a while is great for recharging your batteries.And once you’re away, it’s easier to take a day or two off. Combine those with a weekend and you’ll have 3–4 days for hiking, sightseeing or just lying on the beach.

What’s next 🚢

Of course, there are a few other decisions to make. But things like travel insurance and what to do with your flat or stuff while you’re away are really the easy part. The hardest one is to make the first step.Live your dream and take your job anywhere with you.

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