Browse guides on remote hiring tips and learn industry best practices for hiring contractors and employees, globally.

Introducing Pilot's Remote Compensation Tool

Search for remote salary data around the world by job title and location.

6 Benefits of Hiring International Employees and Contractors

With the rise in remote work, companies can now find talent anywhere and reap the benefits of global hiring. We looked at the many benefits to hiring across borders.

W-9 vs. 1099 Forms: How to Use Them and What You Need to Know

What's the difference between a W-9 and a 1099-NEC? Read our guide to learn about each form, when they should be used, and the filing timeline for them.

How to hire remotely

Today’s most successful products aren’t just built at desks between 9 and 5, by colleagues who live in the same city. They’re built by people from all around the world out of coffee shops, parks and other inspiring places.

Public Holidays in Poland (updated 2020)

There are 13 official days off in Poland. But the list of days off is much longer. As there are many exceptions in the labour law as well as employees expectations. In this article, we explain the intricacies of public holidays in Poland giving you employees' perspective.

Indonesia Employment Laws: A Guide for US Companies Hiring Abroad

With its strong economy and growing tech industry, Indonesia is an ideal place for US companies to hire abroad. We explore the key employment laws you should keep in mind when hiring there.

Managing Contractor Compliance With an International Team

Learn best practices when it comes to international contractor compliance, to help you save time, save money (for both you and your contractors), and build strong relationships with your global team members.

A Guide on Who to Hire: Contractor vs. Full-Time Employee

When should you hire a contractor, and when should you hire an employee? Learn four key differences between contractors and employees, and when to hire each.

Top Countries in Latin America for Hiring Remote Engineers

With a growing tech industry, Latin America is a great place for US-based companies to look for talented remote software engineers. We examine where in Latin America you may want to look for your next remote hires.

Health Insurance, Sick Leave and Parental Leave in Poland (Updated 2020)

The health system in Poland is free. But who pays for your employee when get sick or pregnant? In this article, we explain when and for how long an employer takes health insurance cost on themselves, what are the sick leave and parental allowances, as well as give the cultural overview.

Leave Policy in South Africa: The US Company’s Guide to Leave Laws and Holidays

Expanding your US company, and want to work with South African talent? This guide walks you through the leave policy in South Africa set out by the BCEA and LRA employment laws.

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