Introducing Pilot's Remote Compensation Tool

Search for remote salary data around the world by job title and location.

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Published on February 2, 2023

A global salary database for remote roles

We just launched Pilot’s remote compensation tool, designed for people looking for international salary data specifically for remote roles. Hiring in different countries? Search by country and job title in our database and see remote salary ranges for those locations. Work remotely and want to see how your salary stacks up? Our tool is free to use for both companies and remote workers.
A salary search for a remote frontend software engineer in Germany and for an account executive in France
Search for salaries by country and role.

Good (remote) salary data is hard to find

Finding reliable salary data is a challenge for most companies. What are the best resources? If you're on a limited budget (like most companies), which compensation databases can your company afford?For distributed companies, it can be particularly challenging to find local salary data in multiple locations. Hiring remotely can complicate matters even more. For example, you might think you can rely on local market data for a remote software engineer role in Brazil. However, because remote engineers are part of a worldwide job market (i.e., other international companies like yours are also potential employers for them), their salaries are typically higher than the salaries of non-remote software engineers where they live. So you can’t just depend on local salary data. This is why we designed our remote compensation database. As a remote company ourselves, we understand the challenges of finding reliable salary data for our distributed team.

For employers

The salary database is designed for both employers and remote workers. For employers, you can see a breakdown of annual employment cost by country, including estimated taxes.
Screenshot of annual employment cost for an employee, showing their salary, taxes, and total amount
Get an overview of annual employment cost by country, including estimated taxes.
Exploring which countries you want to hire in? For every search result, we’ll show you a comparison with other countries in nearby timezones with similar gross salaries, and also a comparison in nearby timezones with similar employment costs.
A screenshot of a salary comparison with other countries, showing countries in nearby timezones with similar gross salaries, and countries in nearby timezones with similar employment costs
See which other countries you may want to hire in, based on similar salaries and employment costs.
In addition, see useful resources on international hiring, such as our guides to country-specific labor laws and leave policies, articles about worker classification, and more.
An image of screenshots from three articles about independent contractor misclassification, hiring international employees, and 6 benefits of hiring international employees and contractors
Get helpful resources on international hiring, such as country-specific guides.

For remote workers

Remote workers and remote job seekers can use our remote salary database to see what’s a competitive salary range for your location and role, and to see how much different remote companies pay. Looking for a raise? Enter your current salary to see how it compares to the other salaries for that role in your country.
A screenshot of a salary band for a role with an average salary of $85,595. The employee has entered, for comparison, their salary of $94,500, which is 65% of the salary band.
See how your salary compares to other salaries for the same role.
Do you currently get paid internationally? Depending on what payment method your employer is using, you (and your company) are likely getting charged excessive currency markups and transaction fees. These fees and markups can add up to thousands of dollars annually. See how much you can save in markups and fees if you got paid through Pilot.
For digital nomads interested in a new location, use our Comparison with other countries feature to see which countries in timezones near you have similar gross salaries for your role.
A screenshot of a list of countries in nearby timezones with similar gross salaries
Looking for a new location? See which countries you might want to move to that have similar salaries.

How much does Pilot’s remote compensation tool cost to use?

Good news! Pilot’s database is entirely free to use.

Where does your salary data come from?

Our data is pulled from our own proprietary, anonymized data on remote salaries from around the world.

How do I access the tool?

Check out our free remote compensation tool at questions or feedback on our database? Please get in touch with us at

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