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Updated on August 25, 2022

See how much it will cost to hire your next employee 🧑🏻‍💻

No matter where you’re planning to hire your next employee, you’ll need to budget for not just their salary, but also local taxes for their location. At Pilot, we believe in transparent pricing, and that includes transparency around employment costs. To make it easy for you to see how much it may cost to employ someone, we’ve released the Hire Calculator.The Hire Calculator is a free tool that lets you select the country and salary — annual or monthly — for your next new employee. You can view amounts in USD or in your new hire’s local currency. The calculator will show you the estimated annual cost of employment, with a breakdown of monthly and annual salary and taxes.To send the calculator results to other team members, just click the link button to generate a shareable link.

Where does the Hire Calculator get its currency exchange rates?

The Hire Calculator’s exchange rates are mid-market rates (the ones shown on Google’s currency converter) and include our partner employer of record’s markup. This small markup helps accommodate volatility of exchange rates day to day. Countries with more stable currencies like the Euro have about a 1% markup rate, while less stable currencies like the Brazilian Real can have a markup as high as 3.5%.Pilot does not charge our own separate markups and does not earn money through markups.

Why does the Hire Calculator say that the employment costs are estimated?

Due to fluctuations in exchange rates, we can only provide estimated employment costs in the Hire Calculator. The actual costs will depend on the currency exchange rate at the time of salary payment.

Does the calculated employment cost include Pilot’s plan fees?

No, Pilot’s plan fees are not included in the Hire Calculator’s estimate. However, below the calculator results, you can see the starting monthly fee for hiring the employee through Pilot. Please see our Pricing page for more details about our different plan options.
Want to give it a try? Check out the Hire Calculator for free today.

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