How to Choose a Remote Pay Strategy: The Complete Guide

Learn how to pay your remote team with Plane's new guide on remote work compensation, featuring insights from remote work experts (and different pay strategies!)

Remote salary guide blog image featuring Alex Wilson-Campbell, Kristen Shroff, Sondre Rasch, and Georgie Roberts

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Published on March 30, 2023

The ultimate guide on remote pay strategies

We just published a comprehensive guide on How to Choose a Remote Pay Strategy, featuring interviews with remote work experts including:
  • Chris Dyer, Founding Member at Remote-First Institute
  • Ali Greene, co-author of Remote Works
  • Michelle Keefer, founder and CEO of Frameworks Marketing
  • Kevin Kirkpatrick, CEO of We Work Remotely
  • Sondre Rasch, CEO of SafetyWing
  • Georgie Roberts, Director of Operations at Float
  • Kristen Shroff, CEO at Prisma
  • Alex Wilson-Campbell, founder and host of the Remote Work Life podcast
  • Staszek Kolarzowski, Plane's own co-founder and CRO

What the remote salary guide covers

We've designed our guide to be the ultimate resource for your remote compensation policy questions. Our multi-chapter guide is free to read and covers topics including:
  • What is a remote work compensation policy?
  • Benefits of a remote work compensation policy
  • Different kinds of compensation
  • 3 types of remote pay models
  • What do remote workers want?
  • And more!
Plus, you can download a free checklist that walks you through what tasks you need to do to set up your own remote pay strategy.

Where can I find Plane's remote salary guide?

Thanks for your interest! Our remote salary guide is published on our website and doesn't require any downloads or signing up to read. Check out the guide at

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