Introducing Plane’s Accounting Automation

Speed up your month-end close with our new accounting automation.

Plane Team

Save days of work every month

We just released Plane’s accounting automation, which streamlines your month-end close for all financial transactions from Plane. You can now prepare and approve accounting items in Plane and export them as journal entries for your accounting system.
  • Speed up your month-end close: Save days of work in closing your books each month by automating the data export process
  • Powerful for your entire team: Plane’s accounting automation works for financial transactions for US employees, international employees, global contractors, and vendors
  • Increase accuracy: Spot and prevent potential errors with the ability to preview journal entries before you export
  • Fits right in to your existing financial reporting: Choose from a wide range of options to map Plane transactions to your chart of accounts
The accounting automation integrates with QuickBooks Online and will be released for other platforms in the future.

How does the accounting automation work?

Plane’s accounting automation enables you to approve, preview, and export your financial transactions every month, in a simple three-step process.
An image of the accounting automation progress bar, with 8 items to prepare, 23 items ready for export, and 0 items exported.
Export your financial transactions from Plane in just three steps.
When you’re ready to do your month-end close, just go to the new Accounting tab, where you’ll see that month’s accounting items, or transactions, for your review. These include all financial transactions related to your entire team for that month, for both payroll (i.e., recurring payments) and one-time payments.
During this review stage, you’ll prepare your accounting items by mapping Plane’s accounting categories to your chart of accounts. You can use company-wide reporting categories or department-based categories to enable more flexible reporting. Once you’ve set this up, you’ll be able to use this same mapping system for future month-end closes. Learn more about set-up options in our help article.
A screenshot of accounting items from the "73 items to prepare" step of the workflow.
The accounting automation works for financial transactions for your entire team, including contractors and vendors.
After you’ve mapped all accounting items, they’ll be organized into journal entries, which you can preview to spot any potential errors. Journal entries are a summary of multiple accounting items grouped by pay period (or pay date) and transaction type (e.g., US payroll, international payroll, contractor payroll, and more).Once you’ve previewed the journal entries and made any additional changes you’d like to make, you can export them to your accounting system.
A screenshot of two journal entries, with the message "2 journal entries were exported successfully" at the top.
Journal entries export directly to your accounting system.

How do you access the accounting automation?

The accounting automation is available for free for all Plane administrator accounts. You can enable the feature in the new Apps tab in the platform. Then you’ll see an Accounting tab in the main navigation.


We’d love to walk you through this new feature if you have any questions. Contact our support team or check out our help article for more info.

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