New features: Multi-Step Payment Approvals and Multiple Profiles

Managers can now approve payment requests while a separate team member initiates the payments. You can also now have multiple Pilot company profiles under the same login.

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Published on April 14, 2021

Our team has been working hard on new updates to make Pilot's platform even more flexible for your workflow 🎊 . New features we recently launched include:

Multi-step Payment Approvals ✅

Managers can now approve payment requests while a separate team member initiates the payments. This feature is ideal for workflows in which one or more managers need to only approve a payment (e.g. to confirm that a requested amount is correct), while another user, such as a Finance team member, separately schedules payments for the approved requests.
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The Multi-step Payment Approvals feature also includes the ability for multiple people to review and approve the same payment request before sending a payment.

To review and approve a payment request:

  1. In your Pilot account, go to the Pay contractors tab and select ‘View payment requests.’ All people who have reviewed and approved a request will be shown in the Approved by section.
  2. Select ‘Review’ next to the payment request that you’d like to review.
  3. Click the ‘Approve’ button to approve the request. To reject the request, click ‘Reject this request’ and add a note about the reason for the rejection.
Want to learn more? See our help article on How to set up multi-step payment approvals.

Multiple Profiles 📚

Do you use Pilot for more than one company, or have multiple Pilot accounts for your company’s legal entities? You can now have multiple profiles on Pilot using a single login, so you can easily switch between different company accounts. This feature is available for contractors and employees who work for multiple companies, as well as for administrators and managers, such as accountants, that work for multiple companies.
Screenshot of Pilot multiple profiles
Photo by the Pilot Team
For more information, please see our help article on How to navigate between multiple Pilot profiles.

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