New features: Pay schedule updates

Pilot's latest updates enable administrators to easily view, create, edit, assign and delete pay schedules for contractors.

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Published on August 30, 2021

We’ve made some updates to our pay schedule features to make them even more customizable and easy to work with for Pilot administrators.

Pay schedule updates 🗓

Pilot administrators can now view, create, edit, assign, and delete pay schedules in a new Pay schedules section in the Company tab. This page lists all of your pay schedules and shows which contractors are assigned to them. There is also a People section that lists your contractors, their countries, assigned pay schedules, and their next pay date. You can easily add and remove contractors from different pay schedules and bulk assign them to pay schedules. You can also name pay schedules so that they're easy to identify.Previously, in order to delete a pay schedule, administrators needed to remove contractors from the pay schedule and create a new one. Now, administrators can edit an existing pay schedule or delete it.For more information on pay schedules, please see our help article on How to schedule a payment.

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