New features: Reports and Filters

Pilot's latest features enable you to easily view and analyze your data.

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Published on April 30, 2021

We've launched some new features that make it easier for you to view and analyze your contractor and employee data. Here's what's new:

Reports 🗂

Want to see how many pending contractor payments you have? Or see how much you're spending on engineers in Brazil? Administrators can get more insights into their account data in a new Reports tab. The first report we released for this tab is a Contractor Payments report, which shows the history of all payments your company has made to your contractors.
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We’re actively working on additional reports and would love to hear what reports you’d like to see. Please just let us know if you have feedback.Want to learn more? See our help article on How to run reports.

Filters 🔎

Managers and administrators can now filter contractor and employee data by name, start date, job title, and location in the People tab. Easily see which employees started within the last year, or how many of your company’s engineers are located in Brazil, in just a few clicks. You can use multiple filters at once, to find the exact information that you need.
GIF showing how to use Pilot's filter feature
Photo by the Pilot Team
For more information, please see our help article on How to use filters.

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