A Redesigned Payments Experience

Employers can see detailed pages for each payment, new Charges and Refunds pages, and more. Workers can also view more payments details than before.

A screenshot of the Charge details page, showing a list of pending and paid charges.

Plane Team

Published on April 20, 2023

We’ve redesigned Pilot’s payments experience for both employers and workers and added many more features to our payments pages. This redesign gives more visibility into the payroll and payments processes and also refines the user interface so it’s more intuitive.

For admins and managers: New Payment, Charges & Refunds pages

Each payment now has its own dedicated Payment details page — showing you which bank account (or accounts if it was split!) it was sent to, what the breakdown of the payment was, and if we made one or more attempts to deliver the payment. In the past, this information wasn’t easily available, and we only had one page for each payment “batch.” If a payment was created from a payment request, we now link back to it, too.
A screenshot of the Payment details page for an employee named Elian Hanraets.
For each payment, you can see payment details, including bank account info, payment breakdown, and payment attempts.
Charges are now in their own separate section in Payments. In this way, you can clearly see a list of all of the attempts that Pilot took to collect funds from your company’s account (separate from payments made to your team members). For each charge, you can also see the payments associated with it.
A screenshot of the new Charges page, with a list of three different charges, one of which is a split payment.
The new Charges page shows a list of all attempts to collect funds from your company's account.
There’s also a new Refunds page, where you can see details about each refund to your company account. If we refunded any unused funds from a charge, we’ll link the refund to the charge, so you can easily see why you received a refund.
A screenshot of the Refunds page, showing 3 refunds, one of which is a refund of a split payment.
The new Refunds section shows a list of refunds made to your company account.
Payment history is now separated into two sections: In the Pay Contractors page, you can see scheduled payments (i.e., payments that are processing) in the Scheduled tab and failed payments.
A screenshot of the Scheduled tab of the Pay Contractors page, showing two pending payments to a contractor named Emma Bouchard and one pending payment to a contractor named Jose Garcia
In the Pay Contractors page, you can see scheduled payments in the "Scheduled" tab.
In the History page, you can see fully completed payments (i.e., payments that are paid or canceled). 
A screenshot of the "History" page, showing completed payments for two contractors and one employee.
In the "History" page, you can see fully completed payments.
In each worker’s profile, there's a Payments tab that shows the payment history for them, including highlighted changes made to the payments, such as reimbursements. Click on “View pay history” to see the full history of payments made to the worker.
A screenshot showing the Payments tab for the contractor James Ha.
Each team member's profile contains a Payments tab showing their payment history.

For contractors and employees: Detailed payments view

Workers that get paid through Pilot can now see more details than they saw before in the Payments page. If you have split payments, then you can see the split.
A screenshot showing a worker’s view of his Payments page, with a sample split payment called out in red.
Workers can clearly see split payments in their Payments page.

If your payment involves a currency conversion (for example, from USD to Euro), you’ll see what currency the payments are going to be sent in and the actual amount that was sent and received.
For payments that have had multiple attempts, you can see each attempt and also download payment confirmations for each attempt, including any MT103s for SWIFT payments.
A screenshot of a Payment details page for sample worker Nicholas Winchester. On the upper right, called out in a red box, are buttons to "Download confirmation" and "Download MT103."
Easily download payment confirmations for every payment attempt.

When are these updates available?

These updates are available now for all administrators, managers, contractors, and employees. If you have any feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

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