Unified Payroll is fully launched!

New customers now have access to Unified Payroll, as well as new HRIS features, onboarding enhancements, and vendor management.

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Plane Team

Published on July 27, 2023

Use Plane for your US and international team members

Earlier this year, we announced the beta release of Unified Payroll, which enables you to hire and pay your US and international employees and contractors, all in Plane's platform. We're happy to announce that Unified Payroll is now available for all new customers and is officially out of beta. 🎉 Along with this full launch, we also released enhanced HRIS functionality, new contractor onboarding, and streamlined vendor management to new customers.

What can you do with Unified Payroll?

Unified Payroll eliminates the need for you to juggle multiple platforms in order to hire and pay US and international teams:
  • Use one payroll and HR platform for your entire team of US and international contractors and employees.
  • Offer the same experience for your whole team, so they all have access to a central user-friendly platform and don’t have to wait longer to get paid just because they’re located outside the US.
  • Get a single source of truth for all your employee data with Plane’s HRIS, including viewing everyone’s onboarding status, contracts, and more.
Screenshot of payroll screen for US employee Brace Williams
Use one payroll screen for your entire team.

Enhanced HRIS functionality

Along with releasing Unified Payroll to all new customers, we also released updates to HRIS functionality:
  • Improved organization and management of HRIS data: Each team member profile includes pages for Personal information, Employment, Compensation, Payments, Documents, and Taxes. In addition, admins now have more visibility into recent and upcoming compensation changes.
  • More flexibility to request compliance documentation (e.g., if you onboard a contractor or vendor without collecting W-8 or W-9 forms, you can request them later).
  • A more user-friendly interface for managing multiple contracts for the same contractor.
A screenshot of an employee named Tiffany Angles, showing her Employment page. Other tabs shown for her team member profile are Personal, Compensation, Payments, Documents, and Taxes.
Team member profiles now include pages for Personal info, Employment, Compensation, and more.

New contractor onboarding

We also released major updates to contractor onboarding, available to new customers. These updates include:
  • Standardizing contractor onboarding so that it is more consistent with US and international employee onboarding.
  • Adding W-8 (BEN and BEN-E) and W-9 form collection into the onboarding process. Previously, this was managed after onboarding.
  • Giving admins more flexibility to decide which onboarding tasks should be completed by themselves and which ones should be assigned to contractors.
A screenshot of an onboarding page for John Silverstone, who has been invited to Plane and is currently in the "Sign contract" step. There are two steps shown that are assigned to John: "Sign contract" and "Collect worker payment information"
Admins can choose which onboarding tasks they'd like to complete themselves and which ones to assign to contractors.

Streamlined vendor management

Another release for new customers is enhancements to vendor management. You can now manage vendors separately from contractors. Vendors can be paid with one-time payments but not added to payroll, and they won't have detailed HRIS tracking that is associated with contractors or employees.If a contractor is set up as a sole proprietorship, you can choose how to invite them based on the features you want to use:
  • Add them as a contractor if you want to use any of the following features: Set up contracts, track compensation history, offer benefits, add them to payroll, and/or view them in people reporting.
  • Add them as a vendor if you do not need any of the features above.
Screenshot of the vendor page for PrecisionTools, showing their email, vendor contact, country, currency, bank account details, and more.
Manage vendors separately from contractors, including scheduling one-time payments and assigning vendor relationship owners.

When will existing customers get access to Unified Payroll and these other new features?

For existing Plane customers that are still using the previous payroll and HRIS experience, we will be migrating your accounts to the new experience — including Unified Payroll, new contractor onboarding, and streamlined vendor management — within the next two months. You'll be notified directly as your migration date gets closer. Stay tuned!Questions? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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