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You can now hire, onboard, and pay your US and global contractors and employees with Pilot.

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Published on January 12, 2023

Use Pilot for both your US and international team members

You can now pay and care for your US and international employees and contractors, all in Pilot’s platform. 🎉 This is our biggest release yet, and we’d like to invite you to try it out.

An easier way with unified payroll

With Pilot's unified payroll, you can hire and pay both your US and global team members in our platform. This means you get to:
  • Use one payroll platform for your entire team of US and international contractors and employees.
  • Offer the same experience for your whole team, so they all have access to a central user-friendly platform and don’t need to wait longer to get paid just because they’re outside the US.
  • Get a single source of truth for all your employee data with Pilot’s HRIS, including viewing everyone’s onboarding status, contracts, and more.

What Pilot's unified payroll fixes

Employing a global and US-based team today is unnecessarily complicated. If you’re like most of our customers, you probably use one system to pay your US team and one to pay your international team. You may also use a separate HRIS to give the same onboarding experience for your team, and different spreadsheets to keep track of all employee data. Because you use multiple platforms, you have different payroll deadlines and processes for each system, and you have to spend a lot of extra time consolidating reports.With Pilot's unified payroll, you don't need to juggle different platforms and processes. Here are some real-life examples of what unified payroll fixes:

Process payroll for all contract types and locations in one place

Imagine you’re paying commissions to a global sales team. Typically, if you’re using multiple platforms, you’d need to go to your US payroll platform to adjust payroll for your US team. For international contractors, you need to let them know their commission amounts and ask them to send you invoices to another system. For employees hired through an employer of record (EOR) partner, you need to add their commissions as a bonus, which means contacting your EOR’s support team.Pilot’s unified payroll allows you to go to one payroll screen for everyone, with the same option to add a commission for all of them. No need to think through where each salesperson lives and what worker type they are.
Screenshot of payroll screen for US employee Brace Williams
Use one payroll screen for your entire team.

Get payroll data in one platform

Traditionally, if you want to see how much you paid your engineers last month, you need to export data for your US engineers from your US payroll system and export data for your global engineers from your international payroll system. Then you import both data sets into a spreadsheet so you can view and store the data in one place.With Pilot’s unified payroll, you can run one report to see your payroll data for everyone.
Screenshot of a report showing the name, worker type, city, and wage amount for a Brazilian contractor Helen Lee, US employee Brace Williams, and Canadian contractor Rob Short
Run one report to see payroll data for all worker types and locations.

Making payroll runs flexible with payroll items

Traditional payroll is all or nothing – you either accept a whole payroll run and pay everyone, or you reject the whole payroll run if there’s an error. This gets especially complicated when you’re running global payroll. When you hire team members in different countries, you can have a dozen different pay schedules (monthly, b-weekly, etc.) and pay dates (Poland is the 10th of the month, Mexico the 1st, etc.). So if one payroll error blocks a whole run, this can result in big delays for people in some countries, depending on their specific pay dates and pay schedules.  Our unified payroll offers a new approach, where you can review and accept single payroll items separately. One payroll item will never block the whole payroll run. You can pay your team even if a contractor hasn’t submitted their invoice yet, or your head of sales didn’t submit commission numbers on time.
Screenshot of payroll items screen in Pilot
Review and accept single payroll items separately.

Get a preview with our demo video

Want to see unified payroll in action? We prepared a demo walkthrough of Pilot's unified payroll from our CEO Matt Drozdzynski.Check out the video here.

Special offer for early users

Interested in using unified payroll? We’d like to thank our early unified payroll users by offering special discount pricing.If you switch to using Pilot to run both your US and international payroll within the next 12 months, you’ll get 25% off our plans for US employees and global contractors and up to $150/month off plans for international employees. Learn more about our unified payroll offer and how to sign up.Questions? We've been working hard on this launch for a long time and are excited to share it — we'd love to chat with you if you have questions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

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